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Deed Costs

Deed Costs | Costs Obtained in Buying Property

In most European countries, Turkey is not contrary to the Notary transfer of the property clerk recorder of deeds is responsible. It is a legal requirement for the buyer and the seller to be present at the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre during the transfer process. If required, this requirement may be transferred to third parties by a power of attorney. At the end of the transfer process, you will receive your Deed document.

Land Registry Tax

3% of the value declared to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre is paid as tax.

If there is no agreement resulting from bargaining, the tax distribution is as follows. The seller pays 2% - 2% + 260 TL pays the seller of the revolving fund.

This amount is deposited in a state bank. For this purpose, bulundu minimum value of declaration Bun is taken from the municipality of the real estate. The sales value less than the municipal declaration value cannot be shown. Otherwise you will receive a tax penalty later on.

Deed Transaction Cost 2018

260 TL return capital fee and 485 TL cadastral fee are paid to the Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

Real Estate Commission

Authorized real estate agents receive 3% of the contract amount from both the buyer and the seller.

Attorney Costs

If you want, you can hire a lawyer for 1% of the contract price (1.200 € + 18% VAT). The lawyer can minimize your risk.

Power of attorney

Approximately 300 TL

Continuous Charges
Real Estate Tax: The rate of property tax of the houses is 0.2% in the metropolitan area; 0.1% in non-metropolitan municipalities - Workplace, shop property tax rate is 0.4% in metropolitan borders; In non-metropolitan municipalities, it is calculated as 0.2%.

Housing Insurance: There will be a value between 150 TL and 250 TL for the housing insurance. The size and quality of the real estate is important.

Electricity Subscription
Assurance price is TL 241.54 (security fee is paid in first subscription purchases and transfer transactions.)
Assurance price + electricity subscription purchase approximately 550 TL
Subscription to the electricity clock connected to the + security fee approx. 400 TL
Electricity use KW / h per tax including about 0.41 cents

Water Subscription
Assurance price is 53.60 TL (security fee is paid in first subscription purchases and transfer transactions.)
Assurance price + water subscription purchase approximately 525 TL
Dependent water subscription change 53.60 TL (reimbursement fee is sufficient)
The cost of water consumption is about 3 TL including VAT per 1 m3.

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