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Documents Required for Deed

  Documents required for trading in deed!

along with necessary documents for real estate transactions need to go to the land registry office. In case of payment of the costs of the delivery of documents and title deed transfer transactions taking place.


Deed in trading documents, the person will realize sales are variable depending on whether the buyer and seller. In addition to land transactions of legal entities, unlike the real person he asked a number of documents. So, what are the necessary documents for land to buy or sell?


Documents required for the sale of the Land ..

1. documents necessary for the sale from the seller in the land ..

- original or copy of deed

- 1 Photo

- Birth Certificate (TC Identity Number) original and photocopy of 1

- There is no tax liability letter (from municipalities) (if you remove the council tax debt was paid, if any bygone era of receipts must be presented to the municipality.)

- Land transactions at the broker will do a power of attorney (Behalf of Realtors)


2. Documents required for the sale of the land from the receiver ..

- 2 Photos

- Birth Certificate (TC Identity Number) original and photocopy of 1

- Turkish Identity Number

- Land transactions at the broker will do a power of attorney (Behalf of Realtors)


3. Documents required for land sales in the Party ..

- Original or Copy of Deed

- Photo Identity Card, Passport, Identity Lawyer

- 4203/5211 Turkish citizenship renunciation document for the course are real people with Law No. (pink card / blue card) to nationals of countries with which the official authorities now given proof of identity is required. license outside of these documents, officers, insurance, etc. will not be considered valid identification.

- Also not present in the document even if the TC ID numbers of real people in all land transactions, it is necessary to submit the tax identification number of the legal person.

- Transactions made through a legal representative or by proxy if the buyer is prepared in the form of Regulation seller's attorney, guardian if the guardian is requested decision

- photocopies of original photographs taken within the last 6 months olmalıdır.renkl of 6X4 cm in size are not acceptable. 1 from the seller, the buyer of 2,


4. Documents required for the sale deed in legal entities ..

- Turkish Commercial Code to the companies subject to the Trade Registry Office organized, clear authorization where the powers and authorities of the credentials in sales for immovable, taken as certified by the relevant industry and chamber of commerce offices. It must be the year of the transaction.

- Company tax certificate and original example of the last board election gazette example where,

- authorized signature circular of the Company,

- The original proxy form made arrangements to be found in the proxy sells on behalf of the Company,

- Said received from municipal waste subject to fair value related to real estate and there is no tax liability article.

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