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power of attorney

 How to be acting in land transactions? How granted power of attorney in the real estate transaction? Home handel te in grondtransacties?

going to the land registry office by the Land Registry citizens are built. But things intensive ones, who can not find time or who are unable to go to the land registry office because of health status can also book another proxy for land transactions.


If the transaction does not need to be done in another province was forced to go up there. People who want to designate a deputy by itself, can make things to the proxy.


Land transactions specific to proxy disclosure to be held at the notary. Power of Attorney is organized according to the identity card or passport. Another identity document issued pursuant to power of attorney does not accept the land registry office. Driver's license can not be accepted as proof of identity at the land office.


Bonding of photos taken within the last six months of that power of attorney notarized power of attorney on gerekiyor.aks the state does not accept the photos and the process can not be performed outdated.


What is the authority and the power of attorney must be written in full. Which actions written power of attorney only if he is able to land transactions. Therefore, sale, donation, mortgage, lease, sale promise, floor construction money, needs to be written explicitly as the name of the abandoned land transactions. If the transaction's name written in written phrases that will mean even though you can not get the title deed office risk and process transactions yapmıyor.tap attorney examples are shown below ..


Deed sample proxy operations:

"The province of Antalya, Alanya No. 2 registered in the land registry office to step islands ....... ....... stored in my parcel immovable asset, 22.09.2016-25.09.2016, between ....... is a party, the cost per response ...... and Agriculture  be deposited to the bank account No. ........ this price in the sale on condition .......... ....... ..... 'I authorize yi. "

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